StoryTour: The Brooklyn Electric


A fantastical love story featuring both Walt Whitman and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, this fictional walking tour follows in the steps of the ecstatic poet and the forces that shaped him. From boyhood revelry to the ravages of the Civil War, this imagined history honors the spirit of the man who urged us a century ago to search for him in the dust beneath our boot soles.

Part of StoryTour’s Fiction Section, “The Brooklyn Electric” was created by Lucas Loredo, a finalist for “The Best American Short Stories 2015,” whose previous StoryTour, “The Secret Architecture of Loss” ran for more than a year on and around the High Line in Manhattan.


Departs from the compass rose in front of The Robert Fulton School, 37 Hicks Street, Brooklyn.

75 mins

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Some Previous StoryTours:

StoryTour: The Secret Architecture of Loss


Come join us for a small group tour of a fantastical and illuminating tale hidden beneath the bustle of Manhattan. Both performance and excursion, “The Secret Architecture of Loss” explores the lasting legacy of a deadly plague and the yearning of those who struggled in its shadow. This unusual piece is part of StoryTour’s Fiction Section – bringing storytellers and audiences together into the streets of New York to weave new narratives into the fabric of the city. The Secret Architecture of Loss was created by Lucas Loredo, whose work in fiction, nonfiction, radio and theater has been featured in The Southwest Review, Kirkus Reviews, the Stanford Storytelling Project and at the Hayworth Theater in Los Angeles.

Meet in front of The High Line Hotel, 180 Tenth Ave, Manhattan
60 mins



StoryTour: The Land of the Slow Food Startups


In a repurposed pharmaceutical factory in Brooklyn, disillusioned corporate lawyers, burnt-out chefs and eager entrepreneurs are joining the Maker Movement and adding their creative zest to the city’s food scene. Here at the Pfizer building, the city’s DIY community and rapidly shifting food culture meet. We’ll get a peek inside this industrial space, sample some of the foods prepared here and hear from the building’s denizens about the personal journeys that led each of them to plunge into uncertainty and start something new.

Williamsburg/Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
120 mins